Jo Redbird was born in New Zealand and spent her early childhood frequenting Barbados where a side of her lineage derived from. Her immediate family would eventually settle in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The early exposure to island life, coupled with the proximity to Amish culture inspired Jo Redbird’s unique perspective on art. She obtained an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from the Delaware College of Art and Design and would go on to study at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C.

Jo Redbird’s  palette of vivid colors jump off of the canvas and scream. The empowerment of women and the spiritual experience of motherhood can be seen through out her works. A connection to nature from a life of travel is felt through out her paintings, as well as custom frame designs. An exciting painter to watch create, she often paints on stage at musical performances including a recent live painting in Tokyo, Japan where her art displays at the Hip Hop concert venue “Family”. She is included annually in Wilmington Delaware’s Women’s History Month Group Art Show.

Jo Redbird is the curator and exclusive custom framer for the Lafate Gallery in Wilmington DE, and continues to create artwork that awes and inspires.





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